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Sta-FeHi there. I just broke up with my boyfriend coz I’m sick and tired of him talking about himself. It’s always about him, him, and only him. He didn’t even notice that I just had a major makeover. I cut my hair short and picked up some new, super sexy, super slutty outfits just so he would notice. But no… not a word!

Well, actually, there was one word. The only thing he could say was, “nice.” Then he went on talking about how he single-handedly won his intramural football championship or some lame garbage like that. As if I wasn’t there to watch him. The nerve of that guy.

So here I am searching for a sugar daddy since a friend of mine told me sugar daddies are thoughtful and really generous. I’d rather have an old but thoughtful guy than a young no good braggart. So if you are interested in a young sexy gal looking for attention, find me at www.sugarsugar.com.

NewMexicoOla papi. I am a young woman and a muy caliente sugar baby. I’m looking for a sugar papi who can shower me with expensive gifts, who will bring me along with him in his travels, and someone vigorous enough to play with me all night.

I love mature hombres. I’m into chicos my age. This chica is looking for a mature guy like you. I have been with a sugar daddy before and he was really great. Unfortunately, he retired from being a sugar daddy and just wanted to rest and be a good old grand papi. He’s sweet and I miss him so much. That’s why I decided to look for a new papi who can be my friend, mentor, and benefactor.

So, search for me at www.sugarsugar.com and I assure you that spending time with me is worth your time, your expensive gifts, and your energy. And I sure do hope you have a lot of energy still left in you. A night with me is synonymous with forever. I’ll be waiting, papi!

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