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top-10-babes-of-the-day-of-2008-20090115025637179-000Hi there sugar daddies! I’m Kaye, 21, and currently residing in San Diego. Just because Iím in California, a lot of people dismiss me as a blonde bimbo who maybe trying her luck in show business. Thereís some truth in that, but Iím definitely not an airhead that just thinks of how to look good. I have had some minor involvement in the movie industry already. This started when I was asked to have some of my tracks included in an action movieís soundtrack. You see, I have been passionate about DJing when I was still in college. Thereís something about music that just makes me want to party and enjoy life in general. One thing led to another, and I eventually found myself mixing my own beats. San Diego is a long commute to LA, and I became tired of staying in hotels or friendsí houses, so I decided to see if thereís a wise, mature man to hook me up and really get me into more showbiz gigs. While my career seems to happen serendipitously instead of being carefully planned, once I put my mind into a venture or personal project, I do my darned best to do it all the way.

Some people expect a young pretty thing like me to have a playgirl profile. However, it seems to be not the case. While I have been dating around and trying to catch the eye of a sugar daddy, I could be more accurately described as a serial monogamist instead of playgirl. I am actually a romantic, and I will stay that way for the time being since Iím not really inclined to settle down. I want a sugar daddy that will pamper me, thatís true, but most of all I want someone to be supportive of my goals in life, which is to be a name in the music industry. Thatís quite ambitious for a supposedly dumb blonde from the Sunshine State, eh?

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  1. Joe on 16-04-2012 at 8:47 am

    that’s not a website

  2. Zaib on 03-02-2014 at 4:39 am

    Love is blind
    Be very kind
    When I kiss u
    Please don’t mind.

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